Aeromax Company

Founded by former aerospace and OE turbocharger engineers, Aeromax is a co-venture between American turbocharger experts and an OEM CHRA and component manufacturer, a partnership that brings together world-class quality, responsive service, and cost-reducing forces of economies of scale and factory-direct fulfillment. Aeromax Turbo aims to redefine value in the global turbocharger aftermarket.

Aeromax partners have decades of combined experience in the turbocharger and aerospace industries, in areas of OEM supply, aftermarket, and high performance. Let Aeromax use its vast experience and expertise to provide the premium quality turbocharger component supply and custom parts development your company needs.

Your Reliable CHRA Supplier

Aeromax’s job #1 is reliable supply of OE-quality CHRAs for rebuilds and upgrades. OE assembly and balancing processes, QA protocols, and QC procedures means that rebuilding turbos has never been more secure.

OEM quality? Yes, Aeromax’s CHRA assembly facility is a tier 2 OEM supplier of CHRAs and other components, so you can rest assured that the parts you receive are as good as those that came with the vehicle. And with over a thousand different models in stock all your turbocharger rebuilding needs can be filled in one place.


Engineering you can trust

Since no engineering track specializes in turbochargers, aerospace is the closest field as the high speed, high temperature, high-RPM spinning, and hot air compressing of jet engines is the most similar to what turbochargers do, and Aeromax’s owners and production facility senior engineers are university-trained and field-experienced aerospace engineers.

This results in the best-suited engineering department in the aftermarket for design, manufacturer, and quality assurance and quality control of turbochargers and related components. This aerospace background combined with turbocharger-specific knowledge from former and current OE engineers is the ultimate formula for aftermarket turbocharger component supply.

Vertical Integration


Aeromax’s production facility is the most vertically integrated OEM/aftermarket CHRA production facility in the world. From tooling creation, raw material procurement, mold creation, material injection, machining, assembly, and quality control all under the same roof. Due to this high level of vertical integration Aeromax product is able to hold tolerances and meet specifications to levels previously unavailable in the aftermarket.


Proprietary molds for our clients are kept securely in-house in private storage vaults.

Custom customer designs are never offered for sale to other companies, and all custom parts development is protected by non-disclosure/non-compete agreements by every company who sees a customer drawing or contributes to the production.

Developing your custom components, whether they be turbine shafts or housings, compressor wheels or covers, will stays yours when you hire Aeromax to do the job.


Quality Assurance

All the latest technologies available are integrated into Aeromax’s manufacturing processes to eliminate human error and comply with OE manufacturing protocols.


Maximum accuracy CMM tools are employed to exact duplication for development of new parts, and OE spec manuals are consulted when setting specification tolerances.


Turbines are manufactured by OE robotic machine lines.


OE semi-robotic CHRA assembly line process ensures a perfect build every time. Every spec, every torque, every seal ... perfect every time.


Only the purest aerospace-grade alloys are used by our team of production facilities, procured from the highest quality suppliers, to ensure our high alloy components perform to their maximum potential.

Quality Control


Every bearing housing goes through multi-point inspections prior to CHRA assembly


Every turbine and compressor wheel is examined by microscope for material flaws that can lead to blade fracturing or elongation. Every wheel is individually balanced on the highest quality component balancers available on the market.

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Every CHRA is assembly balanced on the latest state-of-the-art high-speed vibration sensing rig (VSR) to ensure effective balance at and above expected service rotational speed and check for internal component unconformity which may cause premature failure.


Best Prices from Factory Direct Order Fulfillment

To maximize responsiveness to customers’ needs in a rapidly evolving industry Aeromax maintains inventory at the manufacturing facility, often filling orders just-in-time, this keeps product fresh and oxidation-free, and eliminates regional distribution and redundant inventory to keep costs down, which is passed onto the customer. That is how Aeromax delivers the best quality available at competitive prices.


User-Friendly Experience

Aeromax internet portal incorporates every state-of-the-art tool possible to deliver the smoothest purchasing experience possible. The website offers automatic translation into over a hundred languages based on your location. Create an account to receive an instant discount and earn higher discount levels with the more you buy. Opt to eliminate credit card transaction fees and your price drops even further, and your freight cost anywhere in the world are presented clearly with various shipping options.

Easily find your part either by Make/Model/Year menus or by entering any part number associated with the turbocharger or CHRA, and most of the time your direct-from-the-factory order will be filled the same day, and in the case of larger orders your estimated lead time will be presented prior to checkout.

US-based customer support

Experienced American turbocharger experts are available to respond to your concerns and discuss further collaboration.